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Congratulations on your first CD!

I hope it provides some amount of promotion to a brilliant musician. You've paid your dues, and it's time for some recognition of your talents.

I've enjoyed working with you on the project over the last six months or so. It was a lot of hard work for both of us, and I hope you're pleased with the final outcome.

I have to say that a couple of times I was totally amazed as a song progressed from a rough cut to final mix. Anyone listening to the "first takes" would be stunned at the difference a final cut made. While I know we didn't always achieve the exact sound you wanted, without your vision of how a song was supposed to sound, and your determination to make it sound that way, your CD would have been nothing but a complete and total disaster.

A special thank you to you for allowing me to do the instrument tracks on "Whispering Winds." It gave me the opportunity to "go crazy" as a musical arranger. I've had only a handful of opportunities to work with someone else's original music (other than Marlene's and mine) and I'm thrilled you left my arrangement as a track on your CD.

Once again, congratulations on your CD, "Country Side of Town." May it be the first step on your way to the musical career you deserve.

Lee Lynds

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