Thanks to...

All the talented artists that I've had the pleasure of performing with on stage.

Joe and Carole Morin for taking a chance on me and being there with me for the many years together as "Country Blaze", and all the singers and musicians that have kept it all together throughout it all.

Darrell and Angie Andrei, and Tracey Tressel - thank you for your friendship and the music we share together.

Chris Gaudry, Al Aussant, Blaine Boss, Lori McNaughton, Chad McDonald, and Rob Gable - for the special years we shared together as "Dark Horse", and the friendships we still have.

Marlene Moore, a true friend and believer. Thanks for giving me the determination I needed to achieve the unthinkable - my first CD!

Mom - you and Dad sang well together. My musical achievments would never have gone anywhere if it wasn't for the inspiration you have given me to be who I am today.

Dad - I wish you could be here to see the wisdom and the knowledge you have given me to play the mandolin. I hope you can hear me in heaven as I dedicate these four mandolin tunes to you. I miss you, Dad. I love you.

My brother, Armand, who sang with me from the time we were little kids to the time we were adults. You gave me the enthusiasm to continue.

My sister, Linda, who listened and sang with my brother and I in Massachusetts in our younger years. Thanks for the support. Love ya!

My cousins, Larry and Roger Richard, who I enjoyed growing up with and the music we shared.

My daughter, Trisha. Thanks for letting Daddy play his music. I hope your dreams come true someday. I love you.

My son, Lance. Thanks for supporting me in my greatest (and not so great) moments. I love you.

My wife, Ellie, who has stuck with me through all of my music career in Saskatchewan. She has been through the bad and the good and the ugly. She has given me so much support through it all, that I don't think I could give her enough thank yous. I love you Ellie.

And most of all, I'd like to thank Lee Lynds for all the hours no one could count. Without the determination and dedication that you have given me, and without your hard work, my dreams could never have happened. You are a true friend.

Special thanks to God for my music and my friends.

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