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It was fun, but(t)…

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Santa left some snow sliding saucers for Tasha and Ben for Christmas.  And of course they needed to be tested as soon as possible.  Fortunately, there’s a hill close by to Graham and Ivy’s house that was built especially for that purpose.  Unfortunately, they don’t tell you that one part of the hill is almost suicidal.

That’s the hill I wanted.  Read the rest of this entry »

The old home

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Well, the house I grew up in was knocked down yesterday.  Lot of memories there, but I’m kinda glad to see it go.  It was almost ready to fall over by itself…

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the pig is mine!

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About once a week, usually on a Friday evening, the challenge for a game of pool on the Wii goes out.  It invariably involves a couple of beers, and bragging rights to the winner of the tournament for a week. Read the rest of this entry »

Fish eye view

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Just messing around, because it’s been a rainy weekend.  My pond, as seen by the koi and goldfish Read the rest of this entry »

A short video clip of Chelsea and Jon’s wedding

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It’s not much, but it’s the only portion of the video that worked right… Read the rest of this entry »

Hawaii posts on Facebook

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Just a note to all of you Facebook only people…

The only reason these posts are being displayed on Facebook is because Facebook automatically copies the RSS feed from my blog.  I don’t post anything at Facebook – in fact, I don’t even know how to add things to the “wall” (or want to know) unless it’s to make a comment when the comment link shows up.

And that’s why this post is here. Because I don’t do Facebook.

If anyone is interested in the real posts from my blog, or feels the urge to make a comment, go to “Thinking Out Loud” – Facebook doesn’t show the complete post (thankfully) There are lots more photos and my daily ramblings available for you to read or ignore. Images are linked directly to my web site, not copied or owned by Facebook.

…not meant to harangue or berate Facebookers, it’s just not my cup of tea.

They ALL got away…

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My last day in Maui and we’re up around 4:00 am so we can drive to Lahaina to be on the boat by 5:30.  Sherry, Herb, Audie and I are going deep sea fishing.

With this many fishing rods (6 in total) we have to catch something! Read the rest of this entry »

Lahaina Luau

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After a busy day in the volcanic mountains we were away to the Old Lahaina Luau.  Lots of good food and a beautiful sunset for desert.

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Haleakala crater

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More than anything, I wanted to see a volcano while I was in Hawaii.  Unfortunately, there are no live volcanoes on Maui.  I knew that before I left.  The next best thing would be to see an extinct volcano crater.

The Haleakala Highway takes you to Haleakala National Park.  It’s a narrow winding road that takes you from about a 1000 feet above sea level to a little over 10,000.  And at the top you can see the collapsed crater of a volcano.  Perfect.

Sherry was driving, and all was good until we passed a sign that said, “Turn headlights on while driving through clouds.”  Haleakala means “the land above the clouds.”  That’s when Herb began to clutch the arm rest.  White knuckled, he mentioned about every fifty feet of the climb, “We are very, very, very, friggin high.”  The rest of his conversation usually contained something like, “Do you have to drive so close to the side of the road?”

Sherry was driving perfectly.  I don’t know what would have happened if she was a little nervous about the road.  I think Herb would have simply passed out.  Read the rest of this entry »

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