I decided another day of shopping or hanging around the hotel was not in the books. The truth is, it was a tough decision because I enjoyed being with the family. But I needed to see stuff, so I rented a car – well, almost a car – it was a four door Ford Fiesta. No destination in mind – just needed to pick a direction to drive.

North was the lucky spot on the compass. The Kahekili Highway goes all around the coast on the north end of the island. I had heard it was very scenic. Me and the Pentax headed out.


A scenic lookout

I stopped at a lookout point along the way.  There were several cars stopped so I figured there must be something worth seeing here.  It was a small bay (or maybe a cove, I don’t know the difference) and you could see the coral even from the three or four hundred feet above where I was.  Snorkelers were scattered throughout the bay, as well as some people just out for a swim.


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